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March 29, 2012

Spring Tour USA


January 19, 2012

New Year, New Elvises

There's been little time for rest since Igor got back from New Year's in Siberia - pretty much hopped straight off the plane and immediately hit the road from Los Angeles to Arizona! Then the next weekend we helped ring in the Russian Old New Year in San Francisco. Shows this January have featured returning Comrades Regina, Alex, Nathan and Walter, along with one new Comrade, Sarah Johnson from Pasadena, CA! Sarah has been great fun at the shows so far, playing flute, saxophone, and bringing boundless energy to the stage. Multitalented musicians that they are, Igor, Regina, Sarah, Nathan and Alex have all been playing parts on the keyboards as well, and Regina has been taking on lead vocals for some songs. See footage from our latest shows on our YouTube Channel. We have one more weekend left of shows before Igor goes on a much needed vacation for the month of February, so if you have the means to be in SoCal this weekend, be sure to get out to a show!


December 20, 2011

Rockabilly & Psychobilly Madness

Igor recently recorded his own version of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" for the newly released compilation, Rockabilly & Psychobilly Madness. This two disc, 40 song compilation features rockabilly and psychobilly covers of pop songs. Available in stores and on iTunes. The perfect gift for mom and dad. Happy Holidays!


December 13, 2011

Siberia Bound

It's been a record breaking 2 months of time at home and great to have some downtime and some local shows, but the Party has to keep moving so it's off to Russia for the holidays! Igor and Alex are flying from their homes in sunny California and Oleg is flying from his home in Thailand. They are all meeting up in Moscow with Elena and Sergei for private holiday parties and public shows in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Siberia. Armed with heavy coats, vodka and the will to rokenrol, everyone should stay hot enough. If you are in Russia be sure to catch a Christmas show... Happy Holidays to Everyone!

December 5, 2011

More Elvises in California

Igor just had a great couple of nights rocking in Folsom and Fresno with Alex, Schramm, Walter and another new Comrade... From Downey, California, please welcome the latest addition to the Elvises, Nathan Todd York II! Nathan is a self-taught musician from Downey, California and has played a variety of music styles from orchestra and marching bands to pop music. He has been seen in the past at the Greek Theater and Walt Disney Concert Hall, and now with great enthusiasm and energy is rocking the bass for Red Elvises. Catch him again next weekend when we rock San Diego and Santa Monica. Also playing with us this weekend we have Schrammster on keys in San Diego and the multitalented Regina on keys in Santa Monica. It's a different show every night and we're having a blast with all of it. Long Live the Rokenrol Party!

November 15, 2011


A new album is now available only on iTunes, RED ELVISES - LIVE IN MONTANA. This high-energy show recording from our US Summer tour in 2010 features lead vocals from Igor along with Comrades Oleg, Milka and Elena. Purchase individual songs on iTunes for 99 cents each, or go for broke and buy the whole 26 song album for $9.99! Treat yourself and your loved ones this holiday season to a good Rokenrol Party

Live in Montana - Red Elvises

November 3, 2011

We Got Rhythm

We are very excited to welcome two new additions for this winter's Rokenrol Revolution!

Regina Zernay Roberts Born in New York of half Polish, half Filipino descent, Regina Zernay Roberts has played bass for 23 years, touring internationally with such acts as Cowboy Mouth and Cee Lo Green's backing band Scarlet Fever. Regina has been seen on "Saturday Night Live,", "Ellen," "Jimmy Kimmel," "The Colbert Report," and tons more. She has opened for Foo Fighters, been on the front cover of German bass magazine "Bass Quarterly"... the list goes on and on. Regina is currently appearing in Pharrell's new "Start Pure" commercial for Smirnoff Vodka - based off this fact alone, we feel it's only right that she should pick up Russian Rokenrol as well!

Walter Valdez Drummer Walter Valdez hails from small town Hebbronville, Texas and has spent the last 5 years in Los Angeles. He's been playing drums for about 15 years and currently plays at the world famous Baked Potato with the owner Don Randi, legendary piano player for The Wrecking Crew. When asked to tell us something about himself, he replied: "I like long walks on the beach, and long and peaceful snowboarding runs down the slopes in Big Bear or Mammoth!"

If you were at our latest show in Santa Monica, you will have spotted the two of them sitting in on the second set. Those of you in Southern California come out to our show in Hermosa Beach this Saturday, November 5 to see their first full show with Igor & Red Elvises!

Also joining Igor this winter will be returning Comrade Alex Feather Akimov on guitar. The joint will be jumping, hope to see you there! ROKENROL
November 1, 2011

Golden State of Rokenrol

Happy November! After 8+ months of touring this year, it's time for a well deserved "break". Igor is staying home in Venice Beach, California for a spell - but the party is NOT stopping! There's a whole slew of shows planned in California and Arizona throughout this winter break, starting this Saturday, November 5 in Hermosa Beach. We will be playing our first show at Saint Rocke after Kyle Gass of Tenacious D. We also have several shows booked in Northern and Southern California in December and January. Check our tour schedule to see how the remainder of 2011 and all of 2012 is shaping up so far. The tour planning never stops, so if you haven't already sign up for our mailing list for area alerts and Red Army call to arms. We never know when some last minute party will break loose, make sure you don't miss out! ROKENROL

September 22, 2011

Russia, 2011 - Part 2

Igor's off to Moscow for the second time this year! There he is meeting back up with Oleg Bernov, Elena Shemankova and Sergei Kalinin. Elena will be playing keys with us for the first half of this tour, and later this month Alex Feather Akimov will be joining us. We'll be hitting up several cities in Russia and also breezing through Ukraine. As always, Igor is busy booking new shows as well - be sure to keep checking back for more 2011 dates and check our tour schedule to see how 2012 is shaping up so far! We are working towards keeping all our Comrades well informed and hopefully gather the troups for our Red Army (street teams) sometime in the near future. Sign up for our mailing list to stay in the know. ROKENROL

August 16, 2011

West Coast Takeover

With just a few days break, we are back on tour, working our way up the West Coast from Southern California to British Columbia, with many stops along the way in Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Montana and Wyoming. Check our tour schedule for specific shows and details. Joining Igor this round we have Oleg Bernov, Oleg Schramm, Alex Feather Akimov and Nate Hassan. This lineup is 4/5th Russian, 100% ROKENROL.

July 8, 2011

Old School Rokenrol

Longtime Comrades may remember our VHS release, Red Elvises Live on the Pacific Ocean, shot in 1997 on the Santa Monica Pier. Until recently we have thought this to be sold out for years, but we just found 1 box left in our inventory! So it's back on the One Stop Party Shop for a little while! This full concert footage features our old lineup from the 90s, Igor, Oleg, Zhenya and Avi, and a lot of songs from the motion picture event of last century, Six String Samurai. It also features Igor ripping his shirt off, if you like that sort of thing. See actual footage from the video below, and get yours today before we really run out for good! ROKENROL

June 20, 2011

Rokenrol Fashion Update

New shirts are in and now available at our One Stop Party Shop! Our latest styles include Men's Tshirts and workshirts in sizes S-XXL, and women's tank tops available in 2 styles, sizes S-XL. All shirts come in both red and black. Get yours today!

June 11, 2011

Rok Around America

And we're off! Another 2 month tour across the United States and a bit of Canada is underway. Joining Igor this round, we've got Comrades Oleg Bernov and Alex Feather Akimov returning from the latest tour in Russia as well as two newer additions. Please welcome again Monica DeMarco from Albuquerque, NM. She has been playing bass and keyboards for us at recent shows over the last 6 months, but this is the first full tour she is embarking on with us. Monica will be playing keyboards, bass balailaka and cello. Our latest drummer has also been seen in recent shows but is new to our tours... from Madeira Beach, FL, give a big hand for drummer Nate Hassan! Both Monica and Nate are also great singers and we are all very excited for what they can add to the show.

4 of us are taking of from our home base in Venice Beach, California and meeting with Monica in Tucson, AZ, so we don't have a picture of the full lineup yet. That didn't stop us from having a little fun adding her to our latest picture...

Even with everything underway, Igor's still busy as ever booking shows and the tour schedule is never complete. Be sure to check back with the schedule often and mark your calendars. ROKENROL
May 20, 2011

Got Beer?

Our new favorite item is now available at the One Stop Party Shop - BOTTLE OPENERS! These make great keychains, luggage tags, dog tags, necklaces and more. Get creative! They also are good for opening your beer. ROKENROL


April 10, 2011

To the Land of Cosmonauts

Igor is off on the plane from Los Angeles to Moscow, where he'll be meeting back up with Oleg Bernov, Elena Shemankova, Alex Feather Akimov and Sergei Kalinin for the Spring 2011 Russia tour. We've got a lot of shows booked in Moscow and surrounding areas this year, as well as St. Petersburg, Siberia and more. Russian Comrades, check the tour schedule for a show near you! Poka

February 27, 2011

The Beat Goes On

We're packing up for the first North American tour of 2011, heading east through Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado, then back to California and north up the West Coast. Joining Igor for the whole tour will be long time comrades Oleg Bernov on bass and Adam Gust returning on drums. For the rest, we're mixing it up a little more than usual this time: February 28-March 6 we've got newcomers Monica DeMarco on keys and Alex Feather Akimov on guitar... then after the 6th longtime comrade Oleg Schramm will be joining us on keys for the rest of the tour.

A bit more about our new Comrades - Keyboardist Monica DeMarco is from New Mexico and also plays bass in the Albuquerque based band Yaya Boom. Those of you who made it to our new year's show in Pennsylvania saw her on keys there. Guitarist Alex Feather Akimov is from Moscow, Russia and has played guitar for a variety of big artists including Eminem, Rihanna, Irene Nelson and our personal favorite, Britney Spears! This should be a fun tour with a lot of variety, great music and as always, fun times for all. Check the tour schedule, mark your calendars and get ready to ROKENROL!


February 10, 2011

Rokenrol ReverbNation

Igor & Red Elvises is now on ReverbNation - check out our profile at where you can find shows in your area, share songs and videos with friends, purchase ringtones and more. Be a Comrade and help us paint the net red!


January 29, 2011

One Night in Bangkok

Our first show of 2011 is booked, and we're kicking it off in Southeast Asia! Find us at Volna Pattaya in Pattaya, Thailand (couple hours outside of Bangkok) on February 16. Contact the venue for more details.

Igor's been booking like a madman again, we have many tours planned for this year across North America, Europe and Russia. Check the tour schedule to find a show near you!


January 19, 2011

Two Thumbs Up?

Renown movie critic Roger Ebert recently posted a tweet about us on Twitter:

"@ebertchicago Surfing in Siberia" by the Red Elvises, an Elvis-Beach Boys-Chuck Berry tribute band from Russia. Try the samples."
Tribute band? He forgot to mention Spice Girls! We are, nevertheless, flattered. As for his movie critiques, we'd love to see what he has to say on Six String Samurai. If you're on Twitter, Follow us and join in the conversation!


December 10, 2010

Tequila & Tacos for the Holidays

Holidays in California include the Santa Monica Pub Crawl, followed by rokenrol on the Santa Monica Pier on December 18. We're celebrating these holidays SoCal style, with $2 tacos and $4 tequila shots. Our merch table will be set up with CDs, shirts, posters, ladies thongs, condoms and more if you're looking for that special gift for grandma. Come rock out with us and bring some canned foods for the needy if you're feeling generous.


September 29, 2010

Looking For My Baby

We have some really exciting news! Igor & Red Elvises are now on! And we've made a never before released outtake from our 2008 Drinking With Jesus album, LOOKING FOR MY BABY available for downloads as a single exclusively on Kroogi!

Kroogi is a content community where musicians, artists, writers, videographers and photographers display their creations and build communities of fans and supporters who can download their content and reward them based on a “Pay What You Want” model. Most content is open and free to the public, though we appreciate contributions in any denomination.

In the near future you will be able to join the "inner circles" of our Kroogi community. Members will be able to view and download exclusive content, which they will be able to subscribe to for a minimum contribution. More information on this coming soon...

Download Looking For My Baby at (minimum contribution $0.99).
As always, the Party continues it's relentless touring - Igor & Red Elvises are making their way across the United States right now. Stay tuned to our tour schedule... Don't miss you chance to ROKENROL
September 24, 2010

New Shirts, Old Folks

New shirts are available on tour and on our online store. Men's tshirts in red or black, and women's tank tops in red. Come to the next show in the height of fashion, buy one today!

September 19, 2010

Welcome Back Comrades...!

Igor, Oleg, Elena, Geliana and Sergei just finished up the second Russia tour, with just barely enough time to get back to U.S. and start the 2 month long Fall tour across America. Lineup this round has some very interesting twists. Joining Igor again will be Oleg Bernov and Milka Ramos from previous tours this year. On keys we have longtime Comrade, Oleg Schramm, on his first full tour with us since 2005! And on drums... the original Red Elvises drummer, who played on the streets in 1995 in the very beginning, Andrei Baranov! We are looking forward to getting reacquianted in a fun, adventurous, and 4/5 Russian tour. Viva la Rokenrol Revolution!
August 27, 2010

In The Beginning

Videos have been recovered from the very first shows of The Red Elvises, playing on the streets of Santa Monica! Soon after this the City of Santa Monica kicked us off the streets for drawing too large a crowd, and we hit the road. Check out the footage on our YouTube channel and subscribe to get regular updates! ROKENROL

July 22, 2010

A Tale of Two Kyle's

Comrades on the West Coast and Montana are getting their second chance to party this year. Last U.S. tour's Kyle Crane could not join us for the tour, so Igor picked up a new Kyle on drums. Joining Igor, Oleg, Elena and Milka, please welcome Kyle McCarter from sweet home Alabama. Now check the schedule, contact venues for tickets, bring your friends... Join the Party!

June 20, 2010

Bid on Rokenrol Fashion

A few years back, Igor & Red Elvises decided to clear out their closets and hold auctions on eBay. Many happy Comrades have been showing up at shows around the world dressed in pants, shirts, jackets and shoes previously owned and worn onstage by Igor, Oleg, Elena and others. Well, it's that time again. Red Elvises have to keep our position in the forefront of rokenrol fashion, which means making more room in the closets. Over the next several months we will be posting costumes, shoes and accessories in our new Costumes section of our online store. Interested parties have the option to either pay the "Buy it Now" price for an automatic sale, or email us any offer lower than our buy it now price, which will either be accepted or responded to with a counter offer. All offers will be reviewed and considered, so go ahead give it a shot! This is your chance to make the grandest of entrances at the next Igor & Red Elvises show.

More items will be posted regularly, be sure to check back. For updates sign up for our Mailing List and/or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace

June 9, 2010

Vodka, Borscht & Babes

June started with Igor, Milka, Milen and Crane headlining the Echo-2010 Russian Rock Festival in New York. After this gig Igor flew to Moscow to meet up with Oleg, Elena, Geliana and Sergei to kick off this year's Russia Tour. Find them all over Moscow and St. Petersburg this month.

The year's not yet half over, and Igor has big plans for the second part. Starting in mid-July look out for more American tours all across the country. The tour schedule is filling up fast, with dates from now thru November all across the United States, parts of Canada and Russia. Stay tuned and ROKENROL
April 10, 2010

4 Guys, 3 Gals, 2 Months, 1 Tour

March was a great month, what with the short tour up the West Coast followed by a brief break and Igor's birthday on March 27th. The celebration show in Santa Monica was also long-time drummer Adam Gust's farewell show, as he has decided to move on to other projects. Everyone wishes him the best and we all look forward to hearing what he does in the future.

And now Igor & Red Elvises are off on the big tour across America for the rest of April and most of May! With Igor this tour are Oleg Bernov, Elena Shemankova, Milka Ramos, Kfir Melamed, Tina Ferrell and newest band-member, drummer Kyle Crane from Boston.

Igor is constantly busy booking shows all over North America, Europe and Russia, and tour dates are being updated quite regularly. Please check back often, and if you know anyone who will be near an upcoming concert, be a comrade and spread the Word!
March 3, 2010

Up the West Coast With Old Friends & New

First tour of the decade is about to kick off, starting in California and heading up the West Coast through the month of March. It's going to be a 6-piece this tour. Once again Milka, Kfir and Adam will be joining Igor, as well as newcomer Tina Ferrell, a Polynesian drummer who just surfed her way to us from Florida, and big news of the month... our old friend Oleg Bernov is joining us, just back in from the circus!

Don't forget our schedule gets updated constantly, so keep checking back or sign up for our mailing list. You can also keep tabs on us on Facebook, MySpace or Twitter.

Much more news coming soon... Long Live the Rokenrol Revolution!

January 14, 2010

Red Elvises - THE MOVIE

The country is the Soviet Union in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Bogged down in an unpopular war in Afghanistan, the economy is in the toilet. The people have lost trust in their leaders and are hungry for change. What heroes would arise to save Russia in its darkest hour? Why, the Red Elvises, of course!

Longtime fan Douglass Parker has written a screenplay entitled Red Elvises - can’t you just see that on the marquee at your local theater?! Red Elvises is a “fictional biography”, inspired by the mythology the band created in their early career (that they started as a Siberian wedding band and became pioneering legends of Russian rock and roll).

Igor, Oleg, Zhenya, Schramm, and Elena are all characters in the story. Andre Baranov, the original Red Elvises drummer, and Igor Khramov of Limpopo also appear. Throughout this movie, the musicians are thrust into the major events of this period - the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the fall of the Berlin wall, the attempted coup against Mikhail Gorbachev in 1991, etc. The story takes a playful approach to history, somewhat reminiscent of Forest Gump. There are encounters with Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin, Osama bin Laden, and Elvis Presley. Need we mention that the soundtrack is a sure winner?

Douglass has spent the last few years writing, rewriting, and refining the script. Douglass has received great feedback from many other writers that have reviewed the script. Ken Rotcop, an award winning screenwriter and screenwriting consultant, coached Douglass on the final polishing of the script and has been very complementary. The band members give it unanimous thumbs up.

"Funny and inventive" - Igor Yuzov
“Very entertaining.” - Oleg Bernov
“Sounds like fun” - Igor Khramov

Now for the hard part. Douglass wants to sell the script and “see a great film made that will give our favorite band's career a serious kick in the pants”. Red Elvises fans can be a great help here. If any of the band’s fans have connections in the movie industry, help us get the word out about the project. Douglass can be reached at He will happily send his script to any agent, producer, etc. who wishes to read it.


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